Study: People who hate bitter foods are less likely to get corona


A new study has found that people who hate bitter foods such as broccoli and Belgian cabbage may be less likely to contract the emerging coronavirus.

According to the British newspaper, “Mirror”, researchers affiliated with Louisiana State University said that people who are sensitive to the flavor of bitter things may be better protected from infection with “Corona”, because this sensitivity may mean that the body naturally fights viruses that enter the airways.

The study was conducted on 1935 people from different parts of the United States, who were subjected to taste tests by giving them a number of foods, such as broccoli, Belgian cabbage, grapefruit, wine, spinach, coffee, beer and chocolate, to eat and express their opinion on it.

Each participant talked about his health and whether he had contracted the Corona virus.

The researchers found that lovers of bitter foods were more likely to contract the virus, and they made up 47 of the 55 participants who were hospitalized with the virus.

On the other hand, none of the study participants who hated bitter foods were taken to the hospital due to “Corona”, and they were even 10 times less likely to be infected with the virus.

The researchers pointed out that this means that people with a poor sense of taste may be more susceptible to infection with “Corona”.

Dr Alan Hirsch, who was involved in the study, said: ‘If you’re unable to taste the bitterness in foods, you have to be extra careful, because that means you don’t have some of the receptors that are supposed to be in the mouth and throat, which naturally fight off the bitterness in foods. Viruses that enter the airways.

Hirsch explained that this receptor, called T2R38, measures the gallbladder and releases nitric oxide, which can kill viruses and help flush bacteria out of the body.

It is noteworthy that the total number of infections with the Corona virus in the world reached 173 million and 313 thousand cases, while the total deaths rose to three million and 729 thousand cases.

With regard to the administration of vaccines, the collected data for “Bloomberg” news agency revealed that about two billion and 123 million doses of anti-viral vaccines were administered around the world.


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