Study of 29% of deaths by strain | Newspaper


A new report revealed that about a third of 42 British citizens have died so far after infection with the delta strain of the Corona virus, who received both doses of the vaccine against the Corona virus.

At a time when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is on the verge of delaying the lifting of all restrictions to confront the Corona virus for four weeks, a new analysis of Public Health England revealed that 29% of deaths with the Delta strain received both doses of the vaccine.

And the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, stated that, in addition, the report of the authority indicated that the Delta strain had a greater ability to spread inside homes.
By 64% compared to the Alpha strain, which appeared in the British city of Kent.

According to the figures reported by the authority, it is believed that the Delta strain has a greater ability to spread by 40% in open spaces.

It is noteworthy that the Delta strain is now the most common in the United Kingdom, as more than 90% of cases of the virus are currently from the Delta strain.

With cases of infection rising, the new report raised fears among some scientists that the United Kingdom could witness a third outbreak of the virus.

Of the 42 Britons who died as a result of infection with the delta strain of the Corona virus, 12 people received two doses of the vaccine, while 23 people did not receive the vaccine, while seven people received the first dose of the vaccine more than 21 days before their death.

On the other hand, the authority’s data showed that the effectiveness of the vaccine against infection with the delta strain is 33% after receiving one dose, and the percentage rises to 81% after receiving the second dose.


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