Study: 60% of those who died due to “Corona” suffer from inflammation of the muscles


A new study has found that the majority of patients who died from the emerging coronavirus suffer from myositis.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, researchers from the Charité University in Berlin performed an autopsy on the bodies of 43 patients who died due to infection with “Corona” in the period between March 2020 and February 2021.

The study team analyzed the skeletal muscle tissue samples of the deceased and examined their muscles.

The results showed that 60 percent of those patients died of myositis, as they experienced weakness, swelling and redness in the skeletal muscle tissue, and this was more pronounced in patients with chronic diseases.

After that, the team examined the muscles of 11 people who were not infected with “Corona”, to compare them with their findings.

On a scale of zero to four, people without the virus got a score of 1 in the extent of their inflammation, compared to a score of 3.5 for Corona patients.

While the damage the coronavirus causes to major organs such as the lungs, heart and kidneys is well known, few studies have been conducted on its effect on muscles.

Up to two-thirds of coronavirus survivors suffer from fatigue, muscle weakness or muscle pain.

The authors of the study wrote in their study, which was published in the scientific journal “Gamma Network Open”: “Our study shows that most people with (Corona) suffer from signs of muscle inflammation, ranging from mild to severe.”

They added that the severity of this inflammation was closely related to the duration of the disease.

The researchers also confirmed that their results indicate that people who have muscle problems are more likely to develop serious symptoms when they are infected with “Corona”.


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