Stirling after the draw with Scotland: to soften the criticism


England footballer, Raheem Sterling, called for more calm and reduced criticism of the England national team, after its goalless draw with Scotland on Friday in the second round of the group stage matches of the European Cup “Euro 2020”.

The England team is facing great pressure after a disappointing performance against Scotland, after the ambitions of its fans rose after reaching the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Sterling said that “the state of depression must be rid of, and pointed out that teams had previously succeeded in winning the European Cup and the World Cup, despite achieving a modest start.”

The England team scored four points in its first two matches in Group D, as it beat Croatia in the first match with a single goal scored by Sterling, then tied with Scotland 0-0, and plays its third match against the Czech team on Tuesday. “The coach showed us some stats about the teams doing well in the tournament, and about their situation after the first two rounds of the group stage matches, and this shows that we are still in the early days and we have a lot to build on, and I am really confident in our ability to do so,” Sterling said.

“I feel there is some overreaction, there is more panic outside than inside, I don’t see anyone in the camp experiencing any pressure or feeling difficult,” he added. The best thing we can do is focus on the training ground.” He continued, “The more you listen to the noise outside, the more likely you are to be affected. The positive thing is that we can get a good result on Tuesday, and then the second game will be forgotten.”


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