Steroids suspended 3 players | sports newspaper


The Saudi Anti-Doping Committee suspended the Trinidadian Leicester Stefan Peltier, player of the Taqaddum Club in the Mohammed bin Salman Cup League for the first degree, from participating in sports competitions internally and externally for a period of two years, starting from last May 24, due to the banned substance Higenamine in accordance with the regulations and laws of the World Anti-Doping Agency. Wada.
The player waived his right to open and analyze the B sample, and the committee gave the player the opportunity to attend a hearing several times, and neither the player nor his representative attended.
The sample was conducted on February 8 last year, and the player was notified of the result of the A sample in March of last year.
The committee indicated in a statement that the decision is subject to appeal within 21 days from the date of the decision yesterday, and the player and the Saudi and international federations were notified of the penalty to approve its implementation.
The committee also announced the suspension of Ahmed Kaabi, the Federation volleyball player, for two years, because it was proven that he had taken the banned substance Cathine.
The committee suspended Muhammad Al-Nisfan, a handball player in Al-Safa Club, for three months, after it was proven that he had taken the banned substance Cathine and Psendoephedrine.


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