Steps to download the latest version of the Korean PUBG Mobile for iPhone and Android – and the secret to installing PUBG MOBILE KR Korean


Download the Korean pubg kr, the latest version for iPhone and Android, which is characterized by owning a number of weapons that are not found in the original Buggy, and it contains many maps, and gives the player as soon as he enters the game a lot of gifts, so we offer you a link to download the Korean Buggy for iPhone and Android.

korean pubg

The Korean Pubg game depends on collecting the best weapons and killing all enemies, entering buildings and climbing in vehicles, using first aid bags and climbing walls, and using the telescope as found in the original game.

download korean pubg

The modern Korean version of Buggy has added many unique features that are not found in other versions of the pubg game, including the use of the smart microphone, to learn to communicate with and help friends, and enjoy an atmosphere of fighting and action competition for an hour, through the Korean version of the new Buggy game.

How to download the new Korean pubg kr

The company that produced the PUBG game announced the release of a new Korean version of the PUBG game, and downloaded the latest version of the game on the Uptodown website, and its way to download it differs from the world famous original, where the original game is downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

but download korean pubg The modern version is downloaded through the Uptodown website, using your account, whether Facebook or your email, and the competition begins between 100 players and fierce competition between them until it ends with only one player winning by staying alive.

Korean Pubg download link for iPhone and Android

The game can be downloaded korean pubg On the iPhone and Android phone, and it has all the capabilities of the original PUBG phone for the phone, where the player can increase plants and use the telescope, and a lot of adjustment features, and graphics levels can be changed to modify the game’s appearances according to the appropriate phone, and the Korean version can be downloaded for iPhone and Android through the following links:

  • Link to download Korean Pubg for Android click here.
  • Link to download the Korean pubg kr for the iPhone, the latest version, click here.

It is now possible to download the Korean Pubg and enjoy all its features, and it was not found in the globally known PUBG version, we wish you the best of times.

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