Stars who mixed singing and performance… from Ahmed Zaki to Akram Hosni


The Egyptian artist Akram Hosni collaborated with the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe, through a new song entitled “If I Was”, which was filmed as a video clip.

The work is written and composed by Akram Hosni, distributed by Toma, produced by Ideologie for Artistic and Media Production, directed by director Hossam El Husseini and Director of Photography Ahmed Bashary, and filmed in Lebanon.

This was not the first experience of the Egyptian artist, in the world of singing. Rather, he entered it before, through his beginnings in appearing on television, through the program “Happy God your evening”, and he performed songs in a sarcastic and comedic manner with the character of Sayed Abu Hafida.

He went through the same experience, and appeared as a guest of honor in the series “Lu’lu”, starring Mai Omar, in which he performed a duet with her and met with great interaction.

Akram Hosni is not the only artist who entered the singing field, although his beginning was in another field. There are many who broke into him, whether they had talent and a beautiful voice, and others only performed and did not present songs professionally.

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, comes on the throne of these stars, who used their success and fame in acting to win a new category of audience in the world of singing, and indeed his songs were able to achieve a wide resonance, whether through clips or advertisements, most notably Mafia, Number One, Corona Virus, and we are going to stay up late, Aladdin and Habibi. and others.

Nelly Karim went through the experience after her success in the song “Millionaire”, which she presented through the badge of the series “Ba 100 Wush”, and returned to repeat the cooperation with them after this success, with the song “Dula Doula”.

Somaya al-Khashab presented similar experiences, including: “Batstaqwa”, “Lea”, and “Hehsal A”, the last of which was a duet with Omar Kamal, and it bore the name “Promise”, a song in the style of folk festivals.

There are other artists who have experienced the experience, including: Ahmed Zaki, Ahmed Helmy, Fouad Al-Mohandes, Abdel Moneim Madbouly, Mohamed Henedy, Hani Ramzy, Heba Magdy, Liqaa Al-Khamisi, Elham Shaheen, Liqaa Suwaidan, and many others.


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