“Spotted nails” .. the latest signs of infection with the Corona virus


Fever, cough, fatigue and loss of taste and smell are the main signs of infection with the Corona virus, but there is another part of the body that is also affected by the virus, which is the nails.Several weeks after infection with the virus, the nails of a small number of patients appear deformed, and this condition is called “Covid nails”, according to a report published by the “Science Alert” website.

One of the symptoms is the appearance of a red half-moon in the form of a convex band over the white area at the base of the nails.It also appears that this form appears early in the infection, as patients notice it less than two weeks after diagnosis, as several cases have been reported.

The phenomenon of nails in the form of a red half-moon is generally rare, so the appearance of this pattern in this way can be exclusive and an indication of infection with Corona.

Unclear reasons
In addition, the reason for the appearance of the half moon is still not clear, and the possible cause may be damage to blood vessels related to the virus itself.It may also be due to the immune response to the virus causing small blood clots to form and change color.

The report indicated that these signs do not cause concern, because patients do not suffer from other symptoms, noting that symptoms last between one week to more than four weeks in the reported cases.

Signs of physical stress
A small number of patients also found new horizontal gaps at the bases of the fingernails and toenails, which are known as Beau’s lines, which tend to appear four or more weeks after infection with the Corona virus.

Also, Beau’s lines occur when there is a temporary interruption in nail growth due to stress on the body, such as infection, poor diet, or side effects of medications such as chemotherapy drugs. While it is likely to be caused by corona, it is certainly not an exclusive symptom of the disease.

Other unusual results
The researchers recorded some other unusual cases that happen to the nails, in addition to the above mentioned most common complaints.

One of the most prominent of these unusual symptoms is the fall of the nails three months after the injury, this phenomenon is known as onychomadesis and is believed to occur for similar reasons to the appearance of Beau’s lines.

Also, there is a change in the orange color at the tips of the nails, as the color problem has not been resolved after a month of infection of a patient, and the mechanism behind the occurrence of this condition is not known.

In a third case, the patient’s nails had horizontal white lines that did not disappear with pressure. These are known as “MES” or “transverse leukemia” lines.

Also, this condition can be cured with the growth of the nails and does not require treatment. It is believed that ‘Miss’ lines are the result of abnormal production of proteins in the nail due to systemic disorders.

Although all three cases appeared after infection with the Corona virus, scientists have not yet determined whether they were caused by the disease, as it could be unrelated.

The report indicated that not all patients with corona suffer from these cases, and that the abnormalities may not necessarily mean that a person is infected with the virus, but rather they can be considered as possible indicators of previous infection and are not conclusive evidence.


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