special | Bastos: The Saudis should focus on being professional… and Jeterson: If I knew this, I wouldn’t have come to the eye!


Al-Ain duo talks about his experience in the Saudi League.

sees the Angolan Bastos; Al-Ain Saudi Club professional, that the Saudi players are distinguished, but they lack focus in some aspects so that they can professionalize in Europe, expressing his admiration for the positive state of the atmosphere in the Kingdom.

The Angolan joined Al Ain in the summer of 2020 from Lazio, Italy, to participate in 23 matches, during which he scored two goals.

Jules had an interview with the Angolan defender, during which he talked about his fate with Al Ain after the team was relegated to the first degree, and his expectations for his country in the World Cup qualifiers and other matters, which we review in the following lines.

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– How would you describe Saudi Arabia after your professional experience in Al Ain?

Saudi Arabia is a very wonderful country, and the positivity in the country makes you feel like one of the people of this country.

Toughest team you’ve faced?

Every match was special in terms of preparation, and playing against the big clubs is what shows you to everyone.

– How do you see the levels of Saudi and foreign players in the Saudi League?

The league is full of distinguished foreign and local players. The foreign players are the ones who give continuity and positivity because they love the system and their presence makes the league continue with its strength and vigor. Also, the local elements are distinctive and should focus on the distinctive social customs that help them to be professional.

Where will we see Bastos next season?

I can’t talk about the transfer market, but for sure I will find the best solution for me and my family.

al ain - bastos 2021

– What are the chances of the Angolan team to ascend to the World Cup, especially after falling with Egypt in one group?

Everything is available..a group that is not easy, but Gabon and Egypt are in the same strength and they are among the strongest African teams and of course we have the incentive to go up to the World Cup.

What are your memories of the famous Angolan duo Gilberto and Flavio in the Arab region?

Beautiful memories with Flavio and Gilberto, and I played with the duo in the Angolan national team at the beginning of my football career, and they are two excellent international players, besides, I learned a lot from Flavio, he loves success and insists on it, and I lived with him beautiful days and lived in his winds a lot.

Flavio was my role model on and off the field, as well as for all Angolan youth. I hope to pass on my experience to future generations, as he did with me and the attacking players.

– You played with and against Immobile, against Lukaku and Ronaldo – and great strikers, who was the hardest?

I do not like to specify the type of striker I play against.. Each striker has different characteristics from the other and they are of course great strikers.

– In Italy, you have been absent due to injuries. Do you think that this had a negative impact on your career and caused you to leave Lazio?

My absence was related to adaptation and not due to injury and I overcame this obstacle, my experience with Lazio gained a very good experience, and the league was very competitive, as a defender I developed a lot and considered it a great experience.

Jefferson: If I knew this, I wouldn’t come to the eye!

Jules also contacted the Brazilian Jeterson; The Al-Ain striker, who revealed to us a surprise, if he was aware of it, would not have come to the team.

The Brazilian joined Al Ain in the summer of 2020 from the Portuguese League, to participate in 28 matches in various tournaments, during which he scored five goals and assisted three others.

Who are the Brazilian players that caught your eye in the Saudi League?

I admire all the Brazilian players out there but Roma is the best among them.

⁃ How did you know about the eye show? Did you consult anyone before coming to Saudi Arabia?

My agent contacted me and told me about the offer of Al Ain and it was a personal choice for me, and the strength of the league is also a major reason for that.

I did not consult anyone in particular, I searched for the Arab region and learned some things about it and decided to come here.

Getterson - al ain - shabab - spl 2021

⁃ You were losing points and you were the best party in the match, many were explaining that the team lacked the outspoken striker, what is the reason in your opinion?

Most of the losses were due to individual mistakes from us as players, we were giving the opponent an advantage over us.. Most of our stumbles were due to our individual mistakes.

As for the striker, I’m not a straight forward and I play a side or a position 8, but the team used to involve me in the outright spearhead position.

⁃ How did you accept the offer when you don’t play as an outright spearhead?

No one told me that I was coming to play as a spearhead. I was surprised that I was given the number 9 in the first training session and that I will play a spearhead. I spoke with the coach about this problem and he was very surprised, and if I knew that I was going to play a spearhead, I would not have come here.

⁃ What was the most difficult match you played with Al Ain?

The most difficult match we faced was when we played against Al Hilal and lost by five.

⁃ The best Saudi player in your opinion?

Abdulaziz Al-Bishi.

⁃ Toughest defender you’ve faced?

Ahmed Hegazy.

⁃ Best goalkeeper this season?

Marcelo Grohe.


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