Somaya al-Khashab gives advice to students to overcome stress during exams: “Get up and dance.”


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The artist, Somaya al-Khashab, gave advice to school students to deal with the tension of the examination period, which has already begun in some classes, and is about to start for the rest of the classes.

Today, Tuesday, Sumaya al-Khashab wrote, through her official account on Twitter: “My beloved, I know that you are examining my heart with you, and the first thing you are stressed is, get up and dance.”

It is noteworthy that the last work of the artist, Somaya al-Khashab, is the series “Musa”, in which she participated in the previous Ramadan season, the work starring Mohamed Ramadan, and its events revolve in the forties around the character of “Musa” of Upper Egypt, who faces many crises and conflicts and is forced to leave his country and come to Cairo to work in trade. .


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