Solaf Fawakherji, Bassem Yakhour, Dima Kandalaft and others mourn Muhammad Ferdous Atassi


Yesterday, the Syrian Artists Syndicate announced the death of director Mohamed Ferdous Atassi, as a result of being infected with the Corona virus, at the age of 79.

A large number of Syrian actors mourned him through social networking sites, includingSulaf Fawakherji, who published a picture of her with the late, and commented: Mercy to the soul of the great director Muhammad Ferdous Atassi .. Sincere condolences to his family, friends and lovers

For her part, actress Dima Kandalaft wrote: Farewell, Professor. Farewell, Mohamed Ferdous Atassi, you have filled our hearts and memories with art, morals and love. May your memory be eternal

In the name of Yakhour, he published a picture of Atassi, and commented on it: Professor and director Ferdous Atassi, who has accomplished many beautiful works, passed away today, mercy for his soul.

As for Joumana Murad, she sent a touching message, in which he said: After sadness knocked on our gates, the first time I started trying to look at him, he came back and saddened me with the death of my teacher, the director, Professor Mohamed Ferdous Atassi, the friend, the brother, and the kind, affectionate father, the owner of the wonderful, unforgettable attitudes .

And she continued: You will always remain in our hearts and memories with your kind spirit and unforgettable deeds. There is no objection to God’s destiny, and we belong to God and to Him we shall return. May God have mercy on you and make your abode heaven in the highest paradise, O Firdaus.

And she concluded: I hope to pray for the deceased for mercy and forgiveness, read Al-Fatihah, and condolences, and my deepest condolences to the deceased wife, dear sister, Rajaa, and to the family of the deceased, my Lord, inspire them patience and solace.

For her part, Yara Sabry wrote: “The director, Professor Ferdous Atassi, is under the protection of God. I had several opportunities to work under his direction at the beginning of my artistic path, the first of which was the series The Bride, in which he was an advising and loving teacher. My condolences to all his family, friends and fans.”

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