“Social Development” in Saudi Arabia raises the per capita share of family financing to 3,000 riyals


The Social Development Bank in Saudi Arabia announced the amendment of the per capita share of family financing conditions, to become 3,000 riyals instead of 2,000 riyals.

In a tweet, the bank stated on Twitter that it had amended the per capita share within the conditions of family financing, one of the social financing products, to enable families to benefit from financing programs.

The per capita share is what is calculated by dividing the monthly income of the head of the family by the number of his family members.

The Social Development Bank offers a package of social financing products aimed at an important segment of citizens who are low-income, as the bank provides the opportunity to obtain easy financing that enables them to meet some of the obligations arising from their basic needs, whether for the individual or the family.

The bank allows the use of an interactive tool that enables the citizen to determine the appropriate financing for him.


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