Singer David Bowie’s painting is up for sale. Owner bought it for $5 and bites it for 9,000


A painting by the late British singer David Bowie was offered for sale in an online auction, and the painting was bought by someone from a charity store for 5 Canadian dollars, and bids soon exceeded the initial estimate of its price of 9 thousand dollars, according to the Canadian auction house..

The initial estimate for the painting ranged between 9 thousand and 12,000 Canadian dollars (7,300 to 9,800 US dollars) for the price of the 20-gauge painting.25 X centimeters and represents a side face, but bids exceeded 17,000 Canadian dollars a few hours after the launch of the virtual auction, which is expected to close on Thursday, June 24th..

By the late British singer David Bowie

The painting was first sold in 2001 on a website dedicated to the British singer, and the painting, titled “D-Head XLV1”, ended up in a charity store in Ontario, where it was bought anonymously for 5 Canadian dollars (4.1 US dollars), and this buyer continued Later with Cowley Abbott Auctions.

“The painting was painted between 1995 and 1997, and is one of a series of paintings by David Bowie (titled ‘Dead Heads’), representing the artist himself or his relatives,” said house president Rob Cowley.“.

He noted that it bears Bowie’s signature and a date of 1997 on its reverse side, and David Bowie’s paintings are rarely auctioned, the first time one of his works has been auctioned in Canada, according to Cowley..

“We were very happy when it turned out that the painting was original,” he said. “We admire David Bowie’s work and it is very exciting to put his work on the market.“.

The rock singer, who died of cancer at the age of 69 on January 10, 2016, left a great impact in the fields of music, cinema, fashion and art, and during his career, about 140 million copies of his albums were sold.


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