Should you upgrade to a new Mac computer?

17 Everyone expected Apple to announce a new Mac computer at its WWDC21 conference, or at least to announce the new processor.

But Apple decided to disappoint everyone, as it did not touch on any new hardware, whether it was a new processor or a new device.

It is reported that Apple first announced its M1 processors at the WWDC20 event, but the announcement was not surprising due to leaks.

Apple has five devices that run on its own processor:

  • macbook air computer
  • MacBook Pro
  • Mac mini computer
  • iMac
  • The new iPad Pro tablet

These computers are intended for intermediate or novice users, as Apple keeps computers with a Core i9 processor for professional use.

Therefore, everyone expected that Apple would announce a new professional processor, in addition to a 27-inch iMac computer with this processor and a 16-inch MacBook Pro as well.

It may be that Apple has avoided announcing the new computers because the professional version of the M1 processor is not ready yet.

But with all the new computers and new systems, are you upgrading your Mac, or are you just waiting a bit?

In order to answer this question, we must look at each computer separately.

MacBook Air computer:

The MacBook Air is the computer that has benefited the most from the new Apple processor, and this is because the device has become more powerful in addition to significantly increasing battery life.

It is mainly aimed at students or businessmen, due to its light size and distinctive design.

The new MacBook Air computer has received an increase in performance due to the new processor, and this makes it suitable for more categories of users.

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So if you are a college student, writer, or someone who mainly needs a device for office work, the MacBook Air is the best choice, and definitely worth the upgrade.

MacBook Pro:

It is a little different with MacBook Pro computers, and this is because there are two sizes of them in addition to the use of two processors.

When it comes to MacBook Pro 13-inch computers, MacBook Air is the best choice because of the difference in weight and operating time.

There is no significant difference in performance between the two devices, but it is very different with the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

This is due to the fact that it comes with stronger specifications such as: the increase in the size of the random memory up to 64 GB and the external graphics card.

Therefore, it is the best in terms of power, especially if you need a stronger device in terms of processor, memory, and graphics card.

Mac desktops:

Mac computer

In Mac desktop computers, it is very dependent on usage.

So if you want an all-in-one computer to put on your desk at work, the new iMac with M1 processor is right for you.

And if you want a home or secondary device and don’t mind using third-party peripherals, the Mac mini with M1 processor is the perfect choice for you.

And if you need a professional hardware device, there is no alternative to the premium Mac Pro.

It is the most powerful and most expensive Mac computer Apple has ever offered, and it is not expected to get an update soon.

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