Shocking news… the “Delta” mutant from Corona causes diabetes


The mutated “Delta” strain of the Corona virus is still spreading terror in India, especially after doctors discovered a link between this mutant and other serious diseases.
The new strain, “Delta” or B.1.617, is believed to cause unprecedented damage to the pancreas, leading to the sudden onset of diabetes and high levels of glucose in the blood, which in turn causes an outbreak of “black fungus”, Indian doctors confirmed to The Telegraph. British.
In this context, Dr. Kothalkar at Seven Stazer Hospital explained that the new mutation causes damage to the “beta” cells in the pancreas, which produce insulin and regulate glucose levels in the blood.
He added that about 40% of patients developed diabetes after contracting COVID-19 during the second wave of the epidemic.

Early detection
Doctors pointed out that early detection, including regular testing of blood glucose among those recovering from corona, is critical to stopping the spread of the black fungus disease.
They also noted that the death rate could reach 50% if the disease spreads, even if treatment is provided afterwards.
And some studies, published in the British Medical Journal and Nature, indicated that the cause of diabetes may not be limited to the “delta” mutant, confirming that there is increasing evidence that the infection of multiple corona mutants is linked to the disease, as between 5 and 14% of patients suffer from it. hospitalized from that condition after the injury.


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