Sherine Reda with Mona Zaki in the movie “Cairo Mecca”


Sherine Reda recently joined the movie “Cairo Mecca”, starring Mona Zaki, and filming is scheduled to start soon.

The movie “Cairo Mecca”, directed by Hani Khalifa, and the producing company will contract in the coming days with the rest of the stars participating in the work, and Mona deals with many of the struggles of women in Egyptian society during the events of the film, and the film was written by Mohamed Ragaa, directed by Hani Khalifa

On the other hand, Sherine Reda is busy these days filming the movie “Ezz El Dahr”, starring the international artist Mina Massoud, in addition to the series “60 Minutes”, which she co-stars with Yasmine Rais and Mahmoud Nasr, directed by Maryam Al-Ahmadi, and from She is supposed to start shooting her scenes in these works in the coming days.

Sherine Reda had recently celebrated her mother’s birthday with a cheerful picture of her, wearing a hat with a colored parrot standing on top of her, and posted the photo through her account on the “Instagram” website, accompanied by a comment: “Happy Birthday Mami .. always funny, always makes us laugh .. I love you so much. Her daughter, Nour Amr Diab, commented on the photo, saying: “Happy Birthday Nouna.” The photo was admired by a large number of her followers, who emphasized that she retained her beauty and that she surpassed her daughter.


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