Sherihan reveals an artistic personality that was a major reason for her “strong” return to the art scene


Sherihan reveals an artistic personality that was a major reason for her return

Egyptian actress Sherihan

The Egyptian actress, Sherihan, revealed one of the main reasons why she faced any camera in front of the audience, pointing out that the reason was the director of photography, Ahmed Al-Morsi.

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Sherihan's first comment on Turki Al-Sheikh's announcement of her return to art

Sherihan posted on her Instagram page, the scenes of filming her last ad, expressing her great appreciation and thanks to Ahmed Al-Mursi, and said: “Many people may know this authentic, talented and professional man..However, I must say that it is one of the main reasons why I am able to Face any camera today in front of you all.”

She added, “This man is the epitome of purity, honesty, honesty, the greatest friend, a father, and most importantly, an artist…He is an impeccable artist, a fighter with detail and perfection.”

And the Egyptian artist continued: “It is my belief in the fact that what was once, remains so.. He is Ahmed Al-Mursi, and this is more than enough.. You have all my respect, appreciation and confidence.”

The artist indicated that she will gradually introduce her followers to the personalities who supported her in her personal and professional life, where Sherihan concluded her comment, saying: “While I gradually introduce all of you to the most integrated people and mechanisms in my personal and professional life, I needed to give a moment of great appreciation to this person .. This man who gave me strength in ways he may not be aware of… I am proud of him to no end, and I am his biggest supporter at every step of his journey.. You are a great man and an honorable example of the creative Egyptian man and artist.”

Source: RT


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