Sherif Desouky reveals the developments of his condition after the amputation of his foot and the date of his discharge from the hospital .. in the video


Cairo – Dot Gulf Tue, 08 June 2021 – 04:21

Sherif Desouki, the Egyptian artist, reassured the audience of his health condition in his first audio comment after he underwent a recent operation to amputate his foot due to complications from diabetes.

Sherif Desouki’s first audio comment after his leg amputation

The artist, Sherif Desouki, reassured the audience about his health condition during a telephone interview with the “Al-Hekaya” program with Amr Adib, and said in his first audio comment after undergoing the amputation of his foot, that he is in high spirits and has a greater will than before due to the great support he received from Everyone recently, and described what happened to him as a great demonstration of love, and revealed that he wants to send a message to young people through his condition of the need to continue and have a strong will.

Sherif Desouky reveals the developments in his health condition

Sherif Desouki said that he will not be at home and live in a state of sadness and despair, but he will soon return to his work, and he has great motivation and enthusiasm to return again, and he asked the audience to pray for him to return to his work quickly, and added that there is more he wants to provide in his life, and revealed that he is waiting these days for the installation A prosthetic foot, in addition to undergoing physiotherapy sessions, before leaving the hospital and returning to his normal life.

Sherif Desouki thanked the audience and the artistic community for their great support for him, in addition to the officials due to the special health care he received in his health crisis, and revealed that he left the hospital after 25 days, and said that he did not wait to leave the hospital to continue his artwork, and that he began reading several works. He is new in the hospital and considers it rehearsals and preparations for his work and an exploitation of the time he is in the hospital.

Great solidarity with the artist Sherif Desouki after he underwent an amputation of his foot قدم

The artist, Sherif Desouki, had received great solidarity from the artistic community and the public in the recent period, after revealing his health suffering and undergoing an amputation of his foot after discovering that he had diabetic foot. Sherif Desouki was famous for his character “Sabaa” in the series “Ba 100 Wush” during the Ramadan season before last, He is awaiting the presentation of several other works of his, led by the movie “The Man and the Mongoose” with Mohamed Henedy.

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