She ordered a fried chicken meal for her son…and got a “fried towel”!


A woman who dined at a fast food restaurant expressed her dissatisfaction with the bad experience she had, after ordering some fried chicken, only to be surprised with a fried towel.

Alec Perez posted photos and a video of her experience at Jollibee Restaurant in the Philippines for the “meal” she got and the result was disgusting.
She captioned the post, “An experience that disappointed me at this late hour. We ordered a meal from Jollibee and I ordered chicken for my young son. I wanted to taste my son’s meal but found it difficult to cut the chicken.

Perez concluded by asking the question on everyone’s mind: “How did the towel get into the chicken mixture and it was fried without anyone noticing?”
For its part, the restaurant appears to have taken the matter seriously as he apologized to Perez, declaring “the branch will be closed for 3 days to conduct a comprehensive review of staff compliance with procedures and retrain the team.”

He then tried to cover the topic, adding, “Jollibee restaurants have carefully developed and complied with food preparation systems to ensure high quality products and customer satisfaction. We will continue to strive to achieve the high standards we set for ourselves and our other franchisees.”

Jollibee has 1,150 restaurants in the Philippines and 58 restaurants in the US and Canada and plans to expand to 300 restaurants by 2024.

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