Shatha Hassoun: I am the first and I love to provoke the masses


The Iraqi artist, Shatha Hassoun, justified the reason for publishing the cover of one of the magazines she tops, with the phrase “Iraq’s first star” on its pages on social networking sites, and attached to it the phrase “Number One”, after the statements of her compatriot Rahma Riad that she is the first star of Iraq.

Shatha Hassoun explained, in an interview on the Iraqi UTV screen, that she likes to provoke the masses and people and described herself as “Number One”, when she found a dispute over the title on the part of other artists, explaining that it was not the first time that Arab magazines and newspapers described her as the first Iraqi star since her appearance. On the scene 13 years ago.

Shatha Hassoun stressed that she is the first undisputed star of Iraq, noting that she has a history and albums and participated in major festivals in addition to her dealings with major artists, and therefore she is not successful because of one or two songs or because she holds many weddings.


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