Share Twitter Tweets to Instagram directly


has become you can today Share Twitter tweets to Instagram directly without taking a screenshot.

Twitter has been testing this feature from last year, but with a limited number of users, and today it reaches all iPhone users around the world.

You don’t need to install a new Twitter or Instagram update to be able to use it, as it has been available for use since today.

The feature is exclusive to iPhone phones only, and we may see it soon on Android.

Steps to share Twitter tweets on Instagram directly:

You can easily send tweets directly to Instagram, and it works just like other ways to share tweets across other apps.

This feature came after Twitter noticed that users were taking screenshots and then placing them in Instagram Stories.

Therefore, you need to click on the share arrow below the Tweet you wish to share.

Share Twitter Tweets to Instagram

Then select Instagram Stories to send the tweet to.

This takes you directly to the Instagram app, and a screenshot of the Tweet is ready to be shared.

But sharing is via a screenshot only, which means that you cannot click on the tweet link until you go to its page.

It is expected that Twitter will provide this feature in the future as a way to attract users to it.

More features on the platform:

The Twitter platform is constantly working to provide more features to its users, in order to attract new users and retain old users.

Earlier this year, the platform launched Fleet, which is similar to Instagram Stories and Snapchat as well.

The platform is also experimenting with Spaces, a rival feature to Club House and new group voice chat apps that came after it.

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The platform also started using the . feature Super Follows, which is a paid version of the platform that allows you to access exclusive tweets from the creators you follow.

This feature allows content creators on the platform to earn money from their followers, in exchange for exclusive content that reaches them before the rest of the users.

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Many content industry platforms use this feature, as YouTube also offers it to its users, and allows them to post exclusive clips to exclusive subscribers.

In the past, content creators used this feature via third-party payment platforms such as Patreon.

They were posting exclusive content to the platform to increase their income, but Twitter’s Super Follows feature makes it easy to pay and collect money from different users.

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