Shams Al-Baroudi takes a “selfie” with Hassan Youssef in their latest appearance. See how she became in her 75th


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  Tue, 08 Jun 2021 - 16:11    </span>

Shams Al-Baroudi, the retired artist, has become the talk of a number of followers during the past hours after a recent photo of her appeared with her husband, artist Hassan Youssef, and the audience considered it a cheerful picture of the duo.

The latest appearance of the retired artist, Shams Al-Baroudi

Shams Al-Baroudi appeared in the photo spread on social networking sites as she sat next to her husband, the artist Hassan Youssef, as she took a selfie for them. .

The latest appearance of Hassan Youssef and Shams Al-Baroudi

“Selfie” Shams Al-Baroudi and Hassan Youssef, the audience’s talk

The audience considered that the artist Shams Al-Baroudi still maintained her beauty despite her advanced age, as she is currently 75 years old. She was born in October 1945, and the audience wished her continued health and happiness with her husband, artist Hassan Youssef and her family.

The retired artist is considered a rare media appearance, but about a year ago she decided to respond to the news of her return to acting again after years of retirement, as she said in a phone call to the “Cairo Today” program that she decided to retire more than 37 years ago, but she is not thinking of returning again. To act, she pointed out that she left the field of acting before her birth to her youngest son, Omar Hassan Youssef, who decided to go through several experiments in the field of acting.

Previous photo of Hassan Youssef and Shams Al-Baroudi

Shams Al-Baroudi denies her return to acting

The retired artist confirmed that she is still in a relationship with a number of stars of the artistic community, including Shahira, Suhair Ramzy and Afaf Shuaib, explaining that she is keen to follow the artistic field because of the presence of her husband, artist Hassan Youssef and her son Omar in this field, but she does not intend to retreat from retirement.

Shams Al-Baroudi retired from art in the early eighties after her last movie, “Two on the Road”, and wore the veil and veil for a while and retired from the spotlight since that time, and her last appearance was about two years ago with her family, before she reappeared in a new image hours ago, and Shams Al-Baroudi married Hassan Youssef since the beginning of the seventies and they had 4 sons, Nariman, Abdullah, Mahmoud and Omar.


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