Shams Al-Baroudi and Hassan Youssef are making a fuss because of this photo


In their most recent appearance, a picture of the retired Egyptian actress spreadShams al-BaroudiAnd her husband, the Egyptian actorHassan YoussefOn social media, they celebrate her 75th birthday.
Shams appeared alongside her husband in the photo, which was taken on the “selfie” method, and received a great interaction from the followers, who praised her beauty and features, which have not changed over the years.
It is reported that Shams and Hassan married in 1972 after a love story, and they had 4 children, Nariman, Omar, Abdullah and Mahmoud.
Hassan stipulated that his wife Shams, after marriage, not submit any artwork except with him, and this is what happened, until she announced her retirement in 1982.


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