See the pictures.. “Lauren Issa” buys the “Shroud” and donates her organs in preparation for meeting her husband


Al-Marsad newspaper: The artist and director Lauren Issa, the widow of the late Saudi director Abdul-Khaleq Al-Ghanim, director of the series “Tash Matash”, announced that she donated her organs after her death, stressing that she had taken steps towards implementing that decision.

And Lauren Issa revealed, through her account in the “Snapchat” application, that she had bought her “shroud” and prepared it in preparation for leaving, as she wished that her husband would be in the paradise of the mole, and that she would be with him in the hereafter as she was with him in this world.

And Lauren Issa continued, “Everything that happened to her and her husband did not and will not go away,” indicating that there are details that she will reveal soon, without indicating what she means.

“After what I lived through while my husband was in the hospital, and the tragedy of his death, and the way they brought me to him while he was dead, everything broke, and nothing frightens me anymore,” she said.

Lauren added: “The one who was standing in the hospital parking lot and crying and wailing died with the death of her husband, may God have mercy on him.”

And she continued, “Anyone who caused my tears and the tears of my husband will have an account in this world before the hereafter, for God gives and does not neglect.”

These statements come after Lauren Issa wished for “death”, to join her husband, Abdul Khaleq Al-Ghanim, less than a month after his death.


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