Schubert on the shooting results: A great failure and the union must review itself.. Video


The journalist Ahmed Schubert spoke about the failure of the Shooting Union after the results of the weak women’s team in the Arab Championship, saying: “I am very sore, we are the pioneers of the game, but we failed strangely and suspiciously, and these things upset me very much.”

And Schubert continued, in televised statements to the Ontime Stadium program: “This is a competition and all the results are included in it, but failing in this way against teams that are not ranked very upset and upset, and we deserved better.”

Schubert continued: “Now the shooting federation has to review itself, it has to discuss the reasons for this failure, we are pioneers in this game.”

The result of the pistol shooting came in the women’s 10m competition, with Tunisian shooter Olfat Al-Shaarani winning the gold medal with a total of (235.6 points), and the Egyptian player Hala Al-Gohari won the silver with (573 points), and in third place Fatima Abbas Waheeb from Iraq came with (567 points). .

In the women’s 10m rifle competition, Qatar’s Aisha Al-Suwaidi won the gold medal with a total of (246 points), the Egyptian player Zahra Shaaban was able to get the silver medal with a total of (245 points), while the Egyptian Hadeer Mukhaimer won the bronze medal with (222.7 points).

At the team level, the Egyptian team consisting of Hala El-Gohari, Hadeer Saad and Radwa Mahmoud came in second place, achieving the silver medal with a score of 1,690 points, after the Tunisian team, which achieved gold with (1696 points), while the Iraq team came third with (1,562 points). .

The Arab shooting championships will be attended by Palestine, Tunisia, Iraq, Qatar, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Mauritania, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and the UAE.


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