Saudis are waiting for the premiere of the first Saudi animation movie |


The film, starring Nasser Al Nasser, Abdo Shaheen and Rasha Rizk, is set in the Arabian Peninsula about a potter named Aws who joins an epic battle to defend his home city against the leader of a ruthless army.

Film lovers were excited to watch the film, which will be shown in Arabic and Japanese, especially as it will be shown in a hall after precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus forced them to watch films from inside their cars or in very limited numbers in cinema halls.

The date for the sale of movie tickets will be announced during the coming period, and the producers of “The Journey” hope that the demand for the “Vox Cinemas” theater will be intense.

About 300 people worked on creating the movie under the supervision of Kobe Shizuno, director of the famous “Detective Conan” movie series

The General Authority for Audio-Visual Media issued a certificate of release and classification for “The Journey” as the first Saudi film to be exempted from the fees for tickets. The initiative aims to achieve advanced Saudi cinema production capable of competing in the global competition.

Through the movie “The Journey”, young Saudis kept up with the developments in the world of motion pictures, along with the characters, content and performance of this type of film. Thanks to the creation of animated films and series, they were able to draw the world’s attention to Saudi culture.

The Misk Foundation was keen, by adopting programs concerned with the art of animation, as well as investing young energies in directing artworks to introduce the culture of the Kingdom and expand in this field, to provide works that touch the taste of animation lovers in light of the intense competition between production companies.

Sarah Al-Taweel, Director of Public Relations at Manga Productions, said, “We are keen to provide meaningful work of high quality and rich content in the animation and comics industry… with content that appropriately represents our culture, and we also seek to empower talents in the creative field.”

Al-Taweel stressed the importance of exporting the ancient Arab culture to anime followers globally in a correct and exciting way to the viewer. Production of the film based on Saudi folklore was completed by February 2020, as production work for the trip was carried out in both Tokyo and Riyadh.


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