Saudi stocks are rising again… and Gulf indices are “red”


While most of the Gulf and Arab stock exchanges and financial markets ended trading today in the red box, Saudi stocks continued their gains after one “red” session due to large profit-taking operations after a series of continuous gains. Stock markets are currently benefiting from the continuous rise of oil, which is crawling towards $75 in today’s trading.

The general index rose The Saudi stock market “TASI”, with a gain of 0.23% 24.57 points to close at 10855.95 points. On the other hand, the parallel market index “Nomu” declined by 0.46%, losing 105.89 points, to close at 23,096.53 points. Trading volume reached 264.3 million shares, valued at 8.8 billion riyals.

The investment and finance sector topped 12 rising sectors during today’s trading, after increasing by 1.76%, followed by the pharmaceutical sector, up by 1.27%, followed by the luxury goods retail sector by 1.19%. On the other hand, the applications and technology services sector led the losing sectors, after declining by 1.17%, followed by the media and entertainment sector, declining by 1.06%.

Today’s session witnessed a rise in the share prices of 103 listed companies, led by the “Zamil Industrial” company, up by 10%, then the “Saudi Re” share, up by 7.42%. While the shares of 81 listed companies fell, led by the “Al-Yamamah Steel” company, which fell by 2.08%, then the “Arab Sea” share, down by 2.07%.

In Egypt, for the second consecutive session, the stock market ended its trading on a collective decline of indices for the second consecutive session, while the market capitalization gained 691 million pounds to close at 631.992 billion pounds.

The main index “EGX30” decreased by 0.11% to close at the level of 9880 points. The “EGX50” index fell by 0.96% to close at 2120 points. The index of shares of small and medium-sized companies “EGX70” of equal weights decreased by 0.3% to close at 2236 points. The broader “EGX 100” index of equal weights declined by 0.11% to close at 3163 points.

On the other hand, the “EGX30” index with specific weights rose by 0.08% to close at 12396 points. The “EGX30” total return index rose by 0.38% to close at the level of 3862 points.

The session was mixed in Kuwait, where the general market index rose 0.07%, winning 4.41 points, to close at 6381.01 points, and the first market index rose 0.10%, winning 7.07 points, to close at 6,928.58 points. While the main market index declined by 0.03%, losing 1.64 points, to close at the level of 5314.98 points, and the main index 50 fell by 0.09%, losing 5.20 points, to close at the level of 5575.24 points.

In the UAE, the general index of the Dubai Financial Market decreased by 1.02%, losing 29.51 points, to close at 2839.98 points. Trading volume reached 109.7 million shares, achieving a value of 166 million dirhams, through executing 2,111 transactions for 31 shares.

The general index of the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, by 0.65%, losing 43.59 points, to close at 6697.094 points. The market capital lost 8.1 billion dirhams at the level of 951.428 billion dirhams, and the trading volume reached 270.6 million shares, with a value of 1.4 billion dirhams, through the implementation of 4870 transactions.

The general index of the Bahrain Financial Market decreased by 0.07%, losing 1.11 points, to close at 1562.88 points. The trading volume amounted to 4.1 million shares, with a value of 856.8 thousand dinars.

In Qatar, the general index of the Stock Exchange decreased by 0.10%, losing 10.79 points, to close at 10782.18 points. The trading volume reached 154.7 million shares, with a value of 418.8 million riyals, through executing 10.3 thousand transactions. 28 stocks declined, 18 stocks rose, and 4 stocks stabilized.


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