“Saudi News” .. An anticipation for gasoline prices.. and the stability of employee salaries after the allocation


monitor «Urgent newspaper» most important Saudi newsToday, Wednesday, June 9, 2021 AD, including: “Aramco” announces gasoline prices for the month of June after hours, and the salaries of employees will not be affected after allocating jobs, and expectations of a decrease in Corona injuries to less than 500 cases.

Aramco announces gasoline prices for June after hours

Citizens are awaiting the new gasoline prices for the month of June, which Aramco will announce, tomorrow evening, Thursday, about the new fuel prices; amid pinning hopes for lower prices; In light of the changes in global energy markets due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

Relieving the Director of Imams Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque and his deputy from their positions

The General President of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs, Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdulaziz Al-Sudais, directed the dismissal of the Director of the Department of Imams and Muezzins Affairs at the Prophet’s Mosque and the Undersecretary of the Department from their positions due to work shortcomings.

Employee salaries will not be affected after allocating jobs

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development confirmed that the salaries of employees after privatization will not change for a period of two years, noting that several options are available to the employee if he refuses to switch.

6 people were fined and Samba was obligated to return 6 million riyals

The General Secretariat of the Committees for the Settlement of Securities Disputes announced, on Wednesday, the signing of financial and regulatory sanctions against 6 persons and obligating Samba to return 6 million riyals, in the lawsuit filed by the Capital Market Authority.

Expectations of a decrease in Corona injuries to less than 500 cases

Infectious diseases consultant, Dr. Samih Ghazal, expected that the number of cases of coronavirus infection will drop to less than 500 cases, during the next six weeks.

Rain will continue in some areas of the Kingdom in the coming days

Meteorologist Ali Al-Harbi confirmed that rain will continue in many regions of the Kingdom, noting that the coming days will witness distinct rains in some areas.

End of service gratuity and leave balance compensation upon privatization

Counselor Abdullah Al-Faisaly revealed special arrangements for the treatment of employees of the sectors targeted for privatization, stressing that the employee will be compensated for the leave balance by 180 days, in addition to the end-of-service gratuity upon transfer to the private sector.

“Saudi banks” warn customers against revealing verification codes to any caller

The Banking Information and Awareness Committee in Saudi banks has directed customers to keep verification codes and not to give them to any caller claiming to be an employee.

“Prevention” clarifies the penalties for violating “institutional isolation”

The Public Health Authority “Weqaya” has set penalties for violating the protocols of quarantine and institutional isolation, for Saudis and residents, within the framework of measures to combat the emerging corona virus.

“Civil Status” clarifies the mechanism for linking the civil records of children to the mother

The Agency of the Ministry of Interior for Civil Status has specified a mechanism for linking the civil records of the children to the mother, indicating the requirements of this service and its beneficiaries.

Minister Al-Sheikh: Curriculum development is the first stage of modernizing the educational system

The Minister of Education, Hamad bin Mohammed Al Al-Sheikh, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the development of curricula and study plans represents the first stage of the continuous development journey of the education system.

“Absher”: the qualification modification is limited to the beneficiary’s account

The Absher platform said, on Wednesday, that the request to modify the qualification is made only through the beneficiary’s account, and it cannot be completed through the father’s account.

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