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Saad Al-Mahdi

Saudi football memory


A long journey that Saudi football spent with clubs and teams, its stations varied between growth, development, stagnation, achievement and failure, whose responsibility was assumed by men who assumed the official responsibility and others who volunteered to serve it, generations who reached high ranks and other generations failed to do anything, and between these and those who passed unnoticed.
It is the same in all the world and what applies to it is the same in other professions and fields, but the memory remains unable to keep everything, and the reason is sometimes due to either laziness, neglect and insufficient appreciation of the importance of that, or to the systematic tampering operations that aim to drop and keep what is intended. In memory, this is the most dangerous reason.
Records and other preservation tools are raw materials, and the issuance of contemporaries and witnesses is a black box, collection, investigation, classification and classification are tools, and honesty is a guarantee of the truthfulness of what is narrated and recorded.
Saudi football has details that cannot be fully captured. This is true, but protecting its history from tampering and distortion is a duty that several parties have a responsibility to carry out, and the history of the ball, which is reduced to the “number of tournaments” for each club, is an important part, but the history of its entry into the country and its spread spot by spot and its regulations And its competitions and clubs at the hands of whom, and the political, economic and social circumstance at that time is more important and establishes what comes after.
The Sports Library retains some of this, but it is an individual effort and may have been written down in circumstances that did not enable those who took it to accomplish it as they wish, either due to poor financial resources or resources and the difficulty of researching in those circumstances, and if they or others were given the opportunity again through a mandate from the Ministry of Sports and with the support Complete, maybe it can fill a large part of our need for a sports memory that begins with the football activity that started first and ends with all sports.
Limiting sports history to public and media debates dwarfs the value of history that is written as a national memory that must be verified. The official body concerned with this sector bears the responsibility to carry it out, and it is a task that must take its right from serious abuse that distances it from theatrical performance that is subject to audience interaction in terms of acceptance. Or rejection. Rather, it should not be allowed to be a work subject to attraction or appeasement. Rather, it is a sober and honest work that serves as a reference for researchers, scholars and seekers of information and knowledge. The importance of sport and its close interaction with society and its leading role in achievement and national unity deserve such attention in its history and documentation.


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