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There is nothing new about the frequent and important ongoing talk about the “Saudi experience” in the face of the catastrophe of extremism and the scourge of extremism that has caused uncountable calamities. But it is an important experience that deserves praise and respect, because its impact will not remain exclusively within the confines of Saudi geography, as it is expected to receive an important and influential interaction in the rest of the Islamic world.
The current Saudi experience is very similar to what happened with Germany in the aftermath of World War II and the consequences of the earthquake shocks that occurred after the collapse of its political, military, economic and cultural projects at the same time. This great cultural shock made German intellectuals and opinion makers conduct a very deep review of what happened, and try to find out the causes and faults of the faults and imbalances, and they concluded that Nazism and the great evils that occurred after that because of it had roots rooted in the ancient German heritage. Here, the late Egyptian writer Hussein Ahmed Amin, who was at one time a diplomat in his country’s embassy in Germany, tells that it was surprising that there were no materials in the educational curriculum of his girls’ schools there, as they did not receive Goethe’s poems, for example, as was taught by Victor Hugo in French schools. Or the teaching of Charles Dickens in English schools, until he met the president of the prestigious University of Aachen and asked him about the reason for this, and he told him very frankly and very directly that “after the Nazi era and what we suffered from it and its evils, and we studied in a focused and in depth German thought, German literature and German arts, we were shocked to discover That all its main sources are poisoned by Goethe himself, not to mention Nietzsche and Schengler, even down to the famous classical composer Wagner, we said to hell all this poisoned nonsense. We will purify it, and we will focus all our energies on sciences alone.”
This important German experience was inspiring and encouraging for many other countries and cultures that have suffered from the brutality of extremism and the tyranny of extremism in its various forms and models. Before that, what happened in Europe, and the bitter experience that faced the tyranny of the Catholic Church in Rome and its rulers with the peoples, which led automatically and naturally to the emergence of the corrective Protestant movement that came as a “protest” against the practices of some clergymen in the Catholic Church and their dubious relationship with tyrannical regimes. Up to the third stage, which witnessed the complete separation between religion and state in the United States, and then the establishment of the modern civil state.
What is happening in Saudi Arabia today is a very important experience that contains many exceptional attempts to confront the extremist legacy that contradicts the spirit and essence of religion. Doing so required a courageous, bold and very logical realistic political decision that relied on the thought of the purposes and the public interest, instead of relying on very narrow opinions. To interpret the texts and issue judgments and fatwas accordingly. The memory is still alive and it remembers how the interpretations of the texts were twisted to issue strange opinions that forbid standing up for national peace and saluting the flag as a kind of “minor polytheism” or the prohibition of wearing a military hat because it is a kind of “imitation to the infidels,” and other opinions that dominated and robbed minds The ability to think and then excel.
The world is watching with great focus the “Saudi experience” in confronting extremism and extremism and combating terrorism and calls for it to succeed. Its success in this will be reflected in great good, not only on the Saudi interior, but on different regions of the world.
Various generations around the world in general, and in the Islamic world in particular, have been forcibly abducted and coerced by promoting an isolationist hate speech that divides the world into an ally and an enemy, fuels the spirit of hatred and resentment, and inflames the drums of war with resounding sounds. Every attempt in which the basis for removing hatred and building bridges of coexistence is a blessed effort deserves support, encouragement and praise.
The world is closely following the consequences of the success of the Saudi experiment.


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