“Saudi Electricity”: “Fixed bill” facilitates payment for the subscriber and regulates his electricity consumption – Saudi News


The Saudi Electricity Company indicated that the “fixed bill” is a service that allows the subscriber to allocate a fixed amount to the monthly bill, based on the average actual consumption for the past 12 months, and aims to facilitate payment on the subscriber and regulate his consumption, by paying a fixed estimated value monthly, to be able to allocate A specific budget for the electrical service in anticipation of any increase in the rate of its consumption of electricity in some months, especially in the summer season, as part of the company’s continuous efforts to provide the best solutions and services to its subscribers.

Saudi Electricity stated that the “fixed bill” is available to all subscribers in the residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors, with the exception of government subscribers, noting that it is possible to register for this service, via the company’s website www.se.com.sa, or from Through the ALKAHRABA electricity application or through the unified number 920001100.

She stressed that in the event of subscribing to the “fixed bill”, the electrical service will not be separated from the subscriber, even if the value of his actual consumption exceeds the average value in the fixed bill, as long as he is subscribed to it and is committed to paying, noting that the meter reading is done on a monthly basis as usual, where the bill is issued. Explaining the actual consumption and the value to be paid, bearing in mind that reviewing the depreciation value and calculating the difference, whether it increases or decreases, takes place at the end of each year.

The company added that if the consumer wishes to continue the service, the new rate is calculated in light of the actual consumption, and if he does not wish to continue, the amount is settled for him or him. She clarified that this service does not require the ownership of the building by the subscriber, but it does require his approval, regular payment of bills, and on the specified dates, and in the event of a breach of this for one bill, the next bill is issued with the value of the payment due, in addition to the value of the previous late payment, and if the subscriber is late in payment for two months It is removed from the system and transferred to the normal method of payment, and the separation system is applied to it according to what is followed by the company.

It is noteworthy that the term of the agreement is one year, starting from the date of signing it, and it is automatically renewed unless one of the parties requests to stop its validity before the end of the contract, or in the event that one of the parties breaches its obligations under this agreement, especially since the subscription method requires the settlement of the invoice value first. Registration in the “My Account” service, subscription to the mobile messaging service, availability of a historical statement of consumption for 12 months or more, and the owner’s approval if the applicant is an investor or a tenant.


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