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The Red Sea International Film Festival announced the hosting of Saudi Cinema Nights, a special celebration over two days at Muvi Cinemas Mall of Arabia in Jeddah from 16 to 17 June 2021.The event includes premieres of feature films in addition to a program of contemporary short films by Saudi directors. The world premiere of “Amusement Parks” (2021) by Wael Abu Mansour, and the first Arab screening of “Forty Years and One Night” (2020) by Muhammad Al-Halil, will be presented to the public. In the presence of the directors and crew of each film.

Saudi Cinema Nights will kick off on June 16 with the movie “Forty Years and a Night,” which will be shown for the first time in Saudi Arabia after its opening at the Malmö Arab Film Festival in Sweden. The events of the film revolve around a charged family drama of a family exposed to an accident that changes their lives and reveals buried secrets. The film had won the support of a fundraising fund from the Red Sea International Film Festival. On June 17, the event will host the world premiere of the movie “Theme Park”, and tells the story of Masoud, who sets out with Salma on an aimless and endless journey that leads them to a deserted amusement park, on an adventure of self-search and unexpected consequences, reminiscent of the movie Wim Wonders. Paris, Texas” (1984). The film will be preceded by the screening of a program that includes contemporary short Saudi films for a group of promising talents.

Regression (2019) by Muhammad Al-Hamoud

The couple makes their first visit to the groom’s town after their wedding, only to discover that their modern life is a completely different world from what awaits them there.. Aya, trying hard to be accepted by her in-laws to make a difficult choice, while her husband Nader faces the consequences, which puts their relationship in front of a real challenge.

This special celebration brings together film lovers, filmmakers, directors and talents from all over the Kingdom in Jeddah, home of the Red Sea Film Festival, and aims to showcase the creations of the new generation that is shaping the promising Saudi film scene.

Who Burns the Night (2020) by Sarah Misfer

The film follows the two sisters, Salsabil and Wasan, on an engagement night, after one of them’s request to go to the nearby grocery store was rejected. We watch the restraint that pushes the two sisters to discover themselves and each other and violent sides and curves they never thought of.

..and when do I sleep? (2020) by Hossam El-Sayed

Adam can’t sleep, he hears a woman’s voice calling him, but he doesn’t find anyone there. The film presents a powerful vision of internal conflicts that rob its owner of the ability to sleep, and takes us to a night full of events, scenes, and strange dreams!

Another loyalist (2020) by Hisham Fadel

Intimate scenes from the daily life of a lonely woman, haunted by her thoughts and personal conversations. Sarah Taiba’s performance takes us to a world of fear, doubt and loneliness.


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