Saudi Arabia records the highest daily death toll from “Corona” in 202 days – Saudi News


Today (Friday) Saudi Arabia recorded the highest daily death toll due to the new Corona virus that causes “Covid-19” disease in 202 days, specifically since November 22, 2020, when the Ministry of Health announced at the time that it had recorded 19 new deaths due to the virus, while today it announced the registration of 18 deaths in a day. One, in addition to 1175 new infections, 1262 cases recovered, and 90,559 laboratory tests were conducted.

According to the “Health” statistic today, the cumulative total of cases since the appearance of the first case in the Kingdom has reached 463,703 cases, including 10,112 active cases, most of which are stable and their health conditions are reassuring, including 1559 critical cases receiving care in intensive care, while the total recovery cases amounted to 446,054 cases. , while the death toll rose to 7,537 deaths, bringing the recovery rate from Corona in Saudi Arabia to 96.19%, the active cases rate 2.18%, and the death rate 1.62%.

As for the regions with the highest records of new Corona infections, they came as follows: Makkah Al-Mukarramah (376), Riyadh (258), Eastern (179), Asir (88), Medina (77), Jazan (67) Al-Qassim region (41), Tabuk region (26), Najran region (19), Al-Baha region (18), Hail region (17), Northern border region (6), Al-Jawf region (3).

As for the highest cities and governorates recording new Corona injuries, they came as follows: Riyadh (189), Jeddah (172), Makkah Al-Mukarramah (114), Taif (51), Yanbu (45), Dammam (32), and Wadi Al-Dawasir (27). Dhahran (25), Khamis Mushait (21), Khafji (19), Abha (18), Tabuk (16), Khobar (16), Hofuf (16), Abu Arish (16), Jubail (15), Adham (15) ), Hail (14), Jazan (14), Mahayel (11), Najran (10), Qatif (10), Al-Namas (10), Baljurashi (10), and the cities with the highest number of recovery cases came as follows: Riyadh (330). ), Jeddah (230), Makkah (59), Dammam (45), Medina (31), Yanbu (31), Nairiyah (29), Hail (24), Hofuf (24), Najran (19), Abu Arish. (18), Dhahran (18), Adham (16), Dhahran Al-Janoub (15), Taif (14), Buraydah (10), Al-Bida’ (10).

For details of the total distribution of cases of infection and recovery in cities and governorates, you can visit the website designated by the Ministry of Health to view the latest developments in the virus in the Kingdom, and daily statistics via the link

The Ministry of Health urged everyone to take the initiative to register in the “My Health” application to obtain the Corona vaccine in order to preserve the health and safety of all members of society, and at the same time stressed the need to adhere to precautionary measures and apply social distancing to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

She advised everyone to contact the Center (937) for consultations and inquiries around the clock, to obtain health information and services, and to know the latest developments in the virus.


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