Saudi Arabia: Planting 400,000 coffee trees in 3 years


The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture confirmed that the Kingdom has made a quantum leap in the cultivation of coffee trees by planting an additional 250,000 trees since 2017 to reach 400,000 trees by the end of 2020.She explained that the official statistics during 2017, indicated that the number of trees in the coffee-growing areas: Jazan, Asir and Al Baha, did not exceed 150 thousand trees, and the number during the period from 2018 to 2020 exceeded about 250 thousand trees in the three regions.

The ministry confirmed that the Kingdom supports coffee projects through several programs and initiatives, including the initiative to rehabilitate agricultural terraces, and the application of rainwater harvesting techniques, in addition to the agreement with the International Fund for Agricultural Development “IFAD” as the first projects of the Fund in the Kingdom to include coffee within the Fund’s projects, noting that it will be launched The project is in the Coffee Development City in the Al-Baha region, with the planting of more than 300,000 trees, with the construction of the largest coffee exhibition in the Kingdom, and the establishment of an integrated coffee factory that includes sorting, processing, roasting and packaging.

The ministry revealed that a coffee research unit was established at the Agricultural Research Center in the Jazan region, which is the first of its kind, after the approval came to the success of the Jazan region in the cultivation of coffee, stressing its continuation in providing support to enhance production in its cultivation areas, pointing out that the most important The objectives of the sustainable agricultural rural development program is to work on developing and developing coffee cultivation, marketing it locally and globally, and opening the way for more investments.


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