Saudi Arabia: Launching an air exercise with the participation of Arab countries, including Egypt


10:09 PM

Sunday 06 June 2021

Riyadh – (DPA)

Today, Sunday, the joint and mixed air exercise “Twaiq 2” was launched in Saudi Arabia, with the participation of a number of countries, including Egypt, with the aim of raising readiness and training for tactical airdrops and reviving the spirit of competition.

The Saudi Press Agency “SPA” stated that “the joint and mixed air exercise “Twaiq 2″ was launched today, Sunday, in the presence of the commander of Prince Sultan Air Base in the Central Sector, Major General Pilot Mohsen bin Saeed Al-Zahrani, and the heads of participating delegations.”

A number of Arab countries, namely: the Sultanate of Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Egypt, are participating in the “Twaiq 2” exercise, which requires a high level of competence and professionalism in the operational, technical and administrative aspects, as well as Kuwait and Bahrain as observers, according to “SPA”. “.

The exercise lasts for two weeks and aims to raise the highest levels of readiness and achieve operational compatibility and integration.


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