Saudi Arabia hosts “Declaration of Peace in Afghanistan” today


Today, Thursday, the Muslim World League will host in Makkah Al-Mukarramah the Islamic Conference “Declaring Peace in Afghanistan”, which brings together for the first time at one table the leading scholars of Afghanistan and Pakistan in a unified historical achievement towards achieving reconciliation between the warring factions to end the fighting and consolidate peace in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This is sponsored and supported by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to the Saudi Press Agency.

This historic forum comes out of the belief in the role of the Association in resolving all conflicts and disagreements within the societal fabric of the Islamic nation, covered by the great support and care from the incubator of sanctity and Islamic leadership, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially since this bitter and long-running conflict feeds on extremism, ignorance, racism and fanaticism, and it must be confronted with science. Awareness, illumination of thought, reviving the humble, pure feelings of faith and the lofty principles of Islam, which motivate the wills of good and quell evil tendencies and Satan’s inclinations among the parties, which confirms the importance of the role of divine scholars in quelling sedition, which is what will be agreed upon with God’s help, marking the launch of this reconciliation in its peace and brotherly harmony.

The work of the conference starts from the neighborhood of the Sacred House of God in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, the qiblah of the united Muslims, as a sense from the Muslim World League of its historical responsibility, as an incubator for the Islamic peoples and the institutional umbrella for the scholars and thinkers of the Islamic nation who fall under its banner, and representing the issues of the nation, eager to achieve its unity, solidarity, diversity and harmony, the security of its societies and the maintenance of The souls of its members, and a translation of its vision, mission, goals and values ​​that carry mercy and peace to the worlds from the Qibla that unites Muslims, the “Holy Kaaba” in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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