Saudi Arabia ended 4 decades of fighting in Afghanistan


The Islamic Broadcasting Union expressed its appreciation for the pivotal role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in spreading peace, stability and security in the Islamic world. He praised all the necessary and supportive efforts to find substantive solutions to conflicts in the Islamic world, spread harmony between the conflicting parties, and stop wars and bloodshed, especially this bitter and protracted conflict in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which lasted for more than four decades.

In a statement issued today, the Islamic Broadcasting Union confirmed that this historic achievement achieved by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is by completing reconciliation between the warring factions and consolidating peace in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, praising the Kingdom’s supportive and supportive efforts to the Muslim World League, which is making all possible efforts in treating and resolving issues The Islamic world and removing the factors of conflict and discord within the societal fabric of the Islamic nation, believing in its historical responsibility, as an incubator for Islamic peoples and an institutional umbrella for scholars and thinkers of the Islamic nation, representing the nation’s issues, and keen on the security of its communities


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