Saudi Arabia: Corona’s mutations are the reason for the lack of clarity on the mechanism of Hajj


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Today, Sunday, the Saudi Minister of Commerce and Minister of Information, Majid Abdullah Al-Qasabi, announced that “Corona’s mutations have caused the lack of clarity on the Hajj mechanism so far.”

Al-Qasabi said at the government communication conference that 40% of the Saudi population had taken a dose of the vaccine, which is anti-Coronavirus, which causes the disease (Covid-19).
He added that the continuous evolution of Corona caused the lack of clarity on the mechanism of Hajj this year, stressing that “Corona vaccines are not mandatory, but rather a requirement for our daily lives, and the Kingdom is at the forefront of the world, which provided the best approved vaccines.”

Last May, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced Saudi Arabia’s intention to hold the Hajj rite this year (1442 AH), in accordance with health, security and regulatory controls and standards, which ensure the preservation of their health (pilgrims and Umrah performers) and the performance of their rituals easily and easily in a safe environment.

Al-Qasabi stressed in his statements today, Sunday, that the Kingdom places the health of citizens at the top of its priorities, so it has taken many steps to prevent the entry of advanced viruses from Corona after opening the Kingdom’s doors to those coming to it, explaining that the Kingdom is reaping the harvest of Vision 2030 at all levels, and the Corona pandemic is a deadly hidden enemy. Fast spreading and mutating.

He pointed out that “the Kingdom has achieved first place in the Middle East in indicators of concern for the environment, and that the Riyadh initiative is a global precedent aimed at combating global corruption.”


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