Saudi Arabia buys a spying technology that allows hacking phones with one click


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In this context, the newspaper reported that the company is led by a former official in the Israeli military intelligence, who founded it 4 years ago.

The Hebrew report also indicated that the company is based in the city of “Ramat Jam” near Tel Aviv, and was able to market its products through a Cypriot broker called “InReach.”

While “Haaretz” indicated that the company’s headquarters did not have any signs on the door, it also indicated that this office, which is located on the 19th floor of the headquarters, is home to an electronic company that carries out cyber attacks.

The leaked information reveals that Saudi Arabia has been working with the Israeli company since 2019.

And that the latter had provided Riyadh with services that contributed to silencing the mouths of those opposed to Mohammed bin Salman’s policies at home and abroad.

It is also likely that the Israeli company gave Riyadh the service of committing tragic crimes, most notably the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at his country’s embassy in Istanbul, Turkey.

The products of the Israeli company Quadrim, which Riyadh purchased, focus its efforts on technologies that allow hacking mobile phones, fetching data from them and operating the mobile remotely as a way to track its owner.

The Hebrew newspaper said that the Israeli company’s technology is known to security authorities considered loyal to the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, who has turned into the most influential figure in the Kingdom in recent years, and is known to provide no means to consolidate his position in the Kingdom.

The Israeli company is proud

The newspaper added that the Israeli company feels very proud that it was able to conclude a contract with a company in a non-democratic country, as a new customer.

The newspaper quoted its sources as saying that Saudi Arabia is a new customer, not like other government customers who respect democracy.

Observers of regional affairs linked the Israeli-Saudi deal and the subsequent arrests and repression in Saudi Arabia that, in the eyes of many, changed the nature of governance in the kingdom.

As for the timing of concluding the deal, it was remarkable, as it was preceded by meetings that brought together the Saudi crown prince with influential American Jewish figures.

This is what some understood from him that Bin Salman was alluding to officially joining the printing states with “Israel” in fulfillment of a previous promise.

Quadrim was founded in 2016 by three Israelis, two of whom were technical specialists, Jay Jiva and Nimrod Reznik.

The third founder, Ilan Dabelstein, had a different background and a different path. Dabelstein was a senior official in Israeli military intelligence.

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And the CEO of the company is a guy named Avi Rabinovich.

The sales front reveals that Quadream used a Cyprus-based company, InReach, to sell its services abroad.

InReach’s sales front claims that the company’s main hacking tool, Reign, has the ability to hack iPhones without the phone’s owners pressing any links, which is the method other apps use.

The company added that the majority of Android phones can be hacked with Reign as well, but it needs the owner of the phone to click on a link.

According to the company, once the phone is infected with Reign software, any data from the phone can be extracted from videos, photos, emails, WhatsApp messages and any other applications, such as Telegram.

It can also allow remote operation of the camera and eavesdropping through the phone’s microphone or operating a GPS system to track the owner of the phone.

It is noteworthy that in October of 2018, the Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post” said that Saudi Arabia and Israel had concluded a deal worth $250 million, according to which Riyadh purchased advanced security systems from Tel Aviv, and they have already been transferred to the Kingdom.

According to the Jerusalem Post, some of the spying systems, which are the most advanced among similar systems that Israel sold to Arab countries, have already been transferred to Saudi Arabia and have been installed and officially started after a Saudi technical team received training to operate and manage them.

According to the report, at that time, since April 2018, Riyadh entered into serious negotiations with Israel through an (unnamed) European mediator, in order to complete a purchase of high-quality and accurate spy equipment.

He added that those secret talks took place in Western capitals, including London and Washington, stressing that the deal had actually been completed a few weeks ago.

The report quoted the Hebrew newspaper “Haaretz” at the time that “Israel” has become the largest source of spy devices in the world, as it supplies “dictatorship” governments in dozens of countries with these devices.

Although Israel does not have official relations with Saudi Arabia, relations between Tel Aviv and the Gulf states have been making their way at different levels, according to the “Jerusalem Post,” which attributed this in large part to what it described as “the common threat to Iranian expansion in the region.” Region”.

The Israeli media has confirmed on more than one occasion that relations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv are taking an upward curve, starting with the exchange of visits, and the signing of military, security and economic agreements between the two parties.



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