Saudi Arabia .. Automatically extending the validity of visit visas without fees – the economist – tourism and travel


As part of the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to mitigate the effects of the precautionary measures taken to deal with the Corona virus pandemic.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finance, has launched an electronic service that allows visitors from outside the Kingdom to extend the validity of their visas that have not been utilized and that have expired during the period of suspension of entry from the twenty countries previously announced on 06/20/1442 AH, corresponding to 2/2/ 2021 AD. This is without paying any fees or financial consideration for that extension, and the extension will be until 12/21/1442 AH corresponding to 7/31/2021 CE.

Visitors from outside the Kingdom can take advantage of the service and make the necessary extension of their visas by entering the ministry’s e-visa services platform.



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