Saudi Arabia allows funeral prayers in mosques and mosques.. and sets requirements


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced, on Wednesday, that funeral prayers were allowed to be held in mosques and mosques, according to what was reported by the Public Health Authority regarding updating preventive measures for funerals and prayers for them in light of the continued Corona pandemic.

The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Abdul Latif bin Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, said that funeral prayers in mosques and mosques will be in accordance with a number of requirements, including that the mosque have several doors and that all doors be used in the event of a funeral, and a door is devoted to moving the funeral and only the families of the deceased are allowed to participate in the process of carrying The funeral was opened from the designated door, according to the official Saudi Press Agency.

He added that the requirements also include allocating a class to receive condolences in the mosque, setting a separation barrier between the families of the deceased and the mourners so that a distance of two meters separates them, and allocating more than one supervisor in the mosque to follow up on the implementation of the procedures and alert worshipers not to violate them. Either it is before or after the obligatory prayer by at least an hour.

The Minister of Islamic Affairs indicated that the organized procedures call for communication between the branches of the ministry and the branches of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing to coordinate between the laundries of the dead under their supervision with the supervisors in charge of mosques and mosques, to ensure that the number of funerals that are prayed in one mosque does not exceed 3 funerals at a time. .


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