Sandooq Al Watan participates in financing the Emirati “Baqsha” platform with one million dollars


Dubai: «The Gulf»

Al Watan Fund announced; The community initiative of a group of Emirati businessmen aimed at supporting the creation of a better future for future generations, for its participation, along with a group of investors and family companies, in providing an initial financing of one million dollars (3.67 million dirhams) for the Emirati “Baqsha” platform, a technology company specialized in the field of technology. In marketing talent creations in the world of design and women’s fashion in the region.

The “Baqsha” platform was established in 2018 by Emirati hands, and is the first and leading gateway to discovering modern designs with a Gulf character; The platform provides more than 15,000 products for more than 800 independent designers in the Arab world, enabling them to sell to more than 40 countries to date.

Hind Baqer, General Manager of Sandooq Al Watan, said: “At Sandooq Al Watan, we are keen to contribute to stimulating entrepreneurship, and work to provide the appropriate environment that enables startups to grow and flourish through entrepreneurs and talents, contribute to unleashing their latent creative energies, and enable them to translate their ideas. For projects that enhance efforts to build a future economy based on knowledge and innovation, in line with the vision of our wise leadership in preparing for the post-oil phase.”

Yahya Mohamed Saleh, co-founder and CEO of the Boqsha platform, said: “Today we are preparing for a new phase of growth and prosperity, as obtaining this financing allows us to make the best use of the great and promising opportunities witnessed by the sector in the region, and enables us to expand in Our work and creation of new opportunities for a larger group of creatives in the field of fashion design, and to contribute to the transfer of their products from local markets to competitiveness at the level of global markets.”

He added: “We have a large number of designers and beneficiaries of our platform to market their products, 90% of whom are Emiratis between the ages of 18 and 35, and this funding enables us to reach a much larger group of designers wishing to benefit from our platform and tools to expand into the global fashion market, which is estimated Its size is more than half a trillion dollars annually, and it does not only represent an opportunity to capture a large share of the market; It also has a significant social impact in terms of job creation, individual empowerment and the export of regional talent.”


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