Samsung unveils Bespoke Slim Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, priced at $495


The Korean giant today unveiled the Bespoke Slim Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, which features a slim design, and starts at $495.

The new version of the Samsung Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes after the company’s previous versions of the Bespoke series, the new version Bespoke Slim launches with better performance supporting more powerful suction with 150W capacity.

The Bespoke Slim Cordless Vacuum Cleaner’s motor incorporates three Samsung patents into the motor design, supporting more powerful suction performance, with the slim and lightweight design of the cordless vacuum cleaner.

The Bespoke Slim is also more efficient in performance than the previous version, as the engine supports 20% higher speed compared to the previous Samsung version.

The Bespoke Slim supports cleaning smooth surfaces with slim brushes that support 1500 rpm to support more efficient cleaning in corners, and the cordless vacuum cleaner’s battery lasts up to 50 minutes of cleaning in normal mode.

While the battery supports a charging life of up to 25 minutes in intensive use, it also supports the MAX pattern used with a charging life of 5 minutes, as this pattern can support dust removal without the need for bending, and the Stardust LED screen can support the user in monitoring the status of the battery and the condition of the vacuum cleaner.

The bespoke Slim comes with a lifetime warranty for free repairs and free vacuum configurations, and that warranty is offered at an additional cost, with the Bespoke Slim starting at $495, or $593 for the complete package.



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