Samsung creates a super stretchy electronic skin!


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According to a statement by “Samsung”, its new invention provides an early stage of the most accurate measurements of currently available wearable devices, for longer periods of time.

The electronics giant is convinced that its experiments could pave the way for the commercialization of stretchable devices with large, high-resolution screens that are expected to appear in all kinds of healthcare products.

As detailed in a new study in Science Advances, a team of researchers from Samsung’s Research and Development Center has created a wearable device with a flexible screen that provides stable measurements, even after it has been stretched to 1,000 times its normal length.

In the past, it was customary for most devices with a fixed shape to fail or collapse under this huge amount of physical stretch, but “Sasung” overcame this technical obstacle by replacing the plastic material used in the current rubber displays with “elastomer”, an advanced material with high flexibility , then modified its molecular structure in order to enhance its heat resistance and relieve stress caused by elongation, allowing the semiconductor to be incorporated into its device.

The research team at Samsung also applied a stretchable electrode material (cracked metal) that resists deformation of the elastomer region.

By successfully making the elastomer more resistant to chemicals and heat, the team says it has effectively demonstrated that stretchable devices can be fitted with health-tracking sensors and semiconductors, similar to those found inside current wearables, such as the Apple Watch.

By improving their quality, the researchers claim that their flexible devices better adapt to movement by attaching them to the wearer’s skin, and this makes it possible to make continuous and accurate measurements of the heartbeat.

During their experiments, the scientists found that wrist movement caused no deterioration in the performance of their technology, even with the device stretched by up to 30%. Fixed silicon sensor.


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