Samira Said to Lamis Al Hadidi: I love singing and consider it an adventure every day


Diva Samira Saeed commented on her new song, “The Hour is Two at Night” in a telephone interview with the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, on the channel “On” through the “A Last Word” program, when the latter asked her a question and said, “Is it logical if the Diva raised the phone to someone who would not answer her?” The Diva said: “No, of course, I am very dear to me, and I am very happy, of course.”

The Diva talked about the scenes of the song, pointing out that she loves singing and that for her it is an adventure and a difference, and she is always priced to offer something different from what she presented before. About friends you talk to, and that the other person can talk to himself so as not to remove his worries and problems to someone else.

Samira Saeed confirmed that she collaborated with Tamer Hussein in more than one song, including “I am with you,” and “Enough is enough.” I love to cooperate with new young people to present all that is new in terms of music and words.

Samira pointed out that she always tends to adventures and does not like to repeat herself again, whether in filming a clip or a new song, a march that she always has a taste for words, pointing out that she presents the songs of the album, a song of a song, in order to take her right and for the listeners to see her more, and it is decided that she will present all the songs of the album. Song month.

And about the songs that are expected to be released in the coming period, she said: “I have about 20 songs that I have worked with for a long time, and in the summer I have to download a song every month, and in winter I make the dose less, and I am afraid of sadness, romance and rapture.”

It is reported that the song “Al-Sa’a Etnain bil Layl” is written by Tamer Hussein, composed by Aziz Al-Shafei, distributed by Wissam Abdel Moneim and engineered by Amir Mahrous.


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