Sally Cooper 4 Original Leaking Lot


Sally Cooper 4 Original Leaking Lot

Some members of the ousted society Macron I recently held a set of documents from the original plot of cunning 4It gives us a rare behind-the-scenes look at how developers have been able to get approval/money from big companies like Sony to make their games.

Sally Cooper: Thieves in Time It was finally released in 2014, for both PS3 and Vita, but that show dates back to 2008-09, and focuses only on the Palm version, whose platform at the time was simply known as “NGP” (Vita’s original working title before Sony finally settled on its name).

The main point of interest is a 6-minute video presentation, which goes through the history of the series, describing why the Vita was so suitable for its heavy-duty gameplay, and then everything should be put in the simplest terms imaginable. In order to convince PlayStation to officially light up the game.

The team really made an effort — with video footage dictating it — to show that the Vita’s most hollow features, such as the touch screen, motion control and back cushioning, can be used for all sorts of systems in the game, from cunning to driving to mini hacking.

Since this game eventually came out, seeing the early images from it isn’t as important as, say, seeing the stadium document for a game that never appeared. But there are plenty of interesting images to see from the early days of the Vita, when it was actually just a huge black mass of the prototype, with wires and ports all over the place.

Also included are some screenshots and, more importantly, concept art:

Besides the main game video, there are also a number of small commercial-like demos of some of the game’s newer features, including a QR code idea where users can scan a code from the PlayStation Blog and then open it. Items in the game.

If you want to download the archive and search for yourself, you can find the files Mouth. This includes an introductory description showing that the game’s original schedule was…just a bit inactive.


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