Saleh Al Jasmi attacks Mashael Al Shehhi and Ahmed Khamis: I informed the local authorities


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Emirati media launched Saleh Al Jasmi Attack on the duo Mashael Al Shehhi and Ahmed Khamis After she appeared in a video, he verbally directed him out and published the video.

Saleh Al Jasmi attacks Mashael Al Shehhi and Ahmed Khamis

وقال Saleh Al Jasmi Through a post on the social networking site Twitter, he reported Mashael Al Shehhi and Ahmed Khamis To the local authorities because of the viral video of them describing it as a profanity. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

He explained that he took this decision as soon as he saw the video, commenting: “I reached them at the first time when I received the clip, after I was sure that they really said these words, but unfortunately nothing happened.”“.

Saleh Al Jasmi’s tweet came after the wave of attack that was launched on social media, and the followers demanded the authorities to move and take the necessary measures to arrest them and prevent them from appearing on social media..

Mashael Al-Shehhi angers the public

The fascista sparked Mashael Al Shehhi And her media husband Ahmed Khamis The followers were angry and criticized them because of a video recorded inside their home, after Mashael Al-Shehhi appeared to talk to him in a manner that the public considered inappropriate.

And in the video, she appeared Mashael Al Shehhi She describes Ahmed Khamis in abusive and inappropriate terms while filming a video clip of him standing behind her on the inner staircase of their home.

وحاول Ahmed Khamis Following up with Mashael Al-Shehhi to give her her bag, but she was taking pictures of her and she responded with an insulting word because she did not notice that he was filming a video, which exposed her to many criticisms and harsh comments.

At first, the pioneers of social networking sites circulated the video, thinking that it had been leaked, and many of them asked how this video could be leaked, but it turned out that Ahmed Khamis was the one who published it on his personal page on the Snapchat application, which prompted dozens to attack the duo and ask their followers to cancel Follow them and stop watching their clips and pages to give Mashael a lesson in ethics and literature.

The Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, republished the video and commented on it, wondering: “What did she say to him?”


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