Salah Mohsen replaces Ahmed Yasser Rayan in the Ceramica attack next season


Ceramica club officials surveyed Al-Ahly striker Salah Mohsen’s opinion on moving to the rising team this season in the Premier League, after the chances of Ahmed Yasser Rayyan staying in the team for the new season faded, based on Al-Ahly’s desire, which adheres to the player’s return at the end of this season.

Ceramica officials obtained Salah Mohsen’s approval to move to the team on loan next season, hoping to repeat the experience of Ahmed Rayan, who is the top scorer in the league with 14 goals so far.

The technical staff of Ceramica Salah Mohsen promised to get the opportunity to participate mainly and rediscover his offensive capabilities with the team if he moved next season.

Salah Mohsen wants to have an opportunity to show his abilities, after he lost the opportunity in Al-Ahly in the presence of Mohamed Sharif and his glow with the red genie, in addition to complicating his position with the return of Ahmed Yasser Rayan in the new season.

Despite Mosimane’s conviction in the capabilities of Salah Mohsen, who had a major role in resolving the two South African Sun Downs matches, the player is looking for a greater opportunity than participating to express his talent.

Ceramica is entering negotiations with Al-Ahly to include Salah Mohsen due to the difficulty of holding on to Ahmed Yasser Rayan for another season, and he is the one who provides a distinguished offensive return that made him top the league’s top scorer 8 rounds before the end, equally with Ben Sharqi, the Zamalek player.

Salah Mohsen, the star of Al-Ahly, proved his eligibility to obtain a great opportunity to announce himself and his right to reserve a place in the main formation of the Red Genie, after he became the golden alternative to Pitso Musimani from Al-Ahly’s bench at the level of the right and left wing, which he proved after scoring three very impressive goals in the genie’s journey. the Red.


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