“Safia Al-Asiri” similar to “Reem Abdullah” reveals to “Al-Marsad” the beginning of her entry into the world of fame and her next goal


Al-Marsad newspaper: No one disputes the great role that social networking sites have played in recent years in the emergence of many young celebrities, and Snapchat was one of the doors to fame for many, including “Safiya Al-Asiri”, who conducted Al Marsad newspaper In an interview with her, she revealed many details, which we highlight in the following lines.

First of all, how does Safiya Al-Asiri present herself?

A struggling Saudi woman, full of hope and ambition, thanks to God, and then the young prince, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who changed our view of life and made our dreams and ambitions reach the sky as Saudi women and we represent half of society.

Was the beginning of your real fame, was it from snapchat or tik tok?

Of course, snapchat

Through your presence and the audience’s interaction with you… What is closer to you, Snapchat or Tik Tok?

Snapchat has its advantages and Tik Tok as well, but for sure Tik Tok the audience interacts more in it, as well as in any broadcast in which I appear to be with people simply and in my nature and nature, and this is what the audience likes is simplicity and spontaneity without pretension or making.

What current content are you focusing on? What is Safiya Al-Asiri’s next goal?

Content.. This word has become a punishment for celebrities, and I hope the world understands what is the meaning of content and who is asked of it, and so far I have not started and the next is more beautiful. As for my future goals, I am ambitious to be a distinguished media person and deliver the pulse of the people, especially Saudi women, I hope to be their audible voice.

Recently, it was reported through the media that you look like the artist Reem Abdullah.. How was your reaction? How did you deal with the audience’s interaction?

Of course, I was not surprised to talk about the resemblance between me and the artist Reem Abdullah, because this opinion was heard by the social media for years, and it was repeated more than once when she was represented in the series Between You and Me with the artist Hassan Asiri, and in fact I love Reem Abdullah and she is a classy person. By her dealings, she had previously brought us together by chance, and she was a top of morals and etiquette, and I salute her.

Why don’t we see you in the field of fashion and fashion even though you have the ingredients?

God willing, the next one will be better.

Will we see you in the field of acting or the media? Were you offered to work in any of them?

Indeed, he was offered this, but because of the Corona crisis, I felt that it was not the right time, but if he was offered in the future, I would not hesitate, and acting is my hobby and I hope to have the opportunity in the future.

What did fame give you?

The most important thing you have given me is loving people and asking them about me, and you have also taught me that people’s minds, psyches and thinking are different, and I must have self-control in terms of my reaction if I do not like something, or something is said about me that is not true, and I do not deny that fame is beautiful, but if I do not I take any topic personally, and discipline with reactions is the biggest thing it has given me.

A final word from Safia Al-Asiri to “Al-Marsad newspaper” .

Thank you for your interest, credibility and good dealings, and I wish you success.


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