Saeed Saleh’s widow reveals a secret about his personal life – thought and art – stars and celebrities


(MENAFN – Al-Bayan) Date: 09 June 2021 Shaima Farghali, the widow of the late Egyptian artist Said Saleh, revealed a secret about his personal life, explaining that their marriage took place without his daughter’s knowledge.

Shaima said, during her meeting today on the “We say violin” program, presented by the media, Yasmine Al-Khatib, on the “Al-Nahar” channel, that she met the artist Saeed Saleh while he was attending the performance of a play she was participating in, noting that he was impressed by her performance and asked to participate in a play he was preparing for her.

And she added, “Suddenly the two of us took us at first sight, and I refused at first, so when he called me and we were preparing a scene on the stage and he said you will marry me, I told him: No,” pointing out that she later agreed to marry him without his daughter’s knowledge for fear of her feelings because she was her friend.



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